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Formed in 2003 by Solstice (Gbr) guitar player Richard M. Walker, Isen Torr is an epic traditional metal act. Walker Enlisted the aid of ex-Destiny’s End guitarist Perry M. Grayson, Twisted Tower Dire vocalist Tony Taylor (RIP 06 Feb 2010), ex-Ritual Steel bassist Oliver Zühlke and Ritual Steel drummer Martin Zellmer. They recorded their debut EP “Mighty & Superior” in Germany in July 2003.

Released on limited 10″ black vinyl and picture disc by Metal Supermancy to critical acclaim in early 2004, “Mighty & Superior” was later reissued on CD and 10″ vinyl by Shadow Kingdom Records.

Perry M. Grayson is also the guitarist/vocalist with hard doom rockers Falcon, which also counts members of Cirith Ungol and Pale Divine in their ranks, whilst Richard M. Walker is still a member of Epic Doom Metal band Solstice and head of THE MISKATONIC FOUNDATION LABEL.

Isen Torr @ Amazon

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