We are so proud to announce the very limited reissue of our self titled debut on LP, CD, cassette, and digital for Bandcamp Friday!

b:W10= S/T EP Reissue | Cirith Ungol Online

You need this reissue – it’s the ultimate prize for true Night Demon collectors. Grab it here: https://nightdemon.bandcamp.com/ 

This is the 4th and final pressing of our debut EP in this expanded format featuring live tracks from our first ever live gig. In addition to some killer bundles, we have the LP’s on some awesome colors including a 
transparent milky clear/red marbled vinyl and a white vinyl with red/black splatter. 

Grab a copy while it’s available, as this looks to be the final Bandcamp Friday! 

As a reminder – by buying on Bandcamp Friday you are ensuring that more of your money goes to the band as Bandcamp is waiving their 15% fee. This Friday is the last time this will happen so your support 
means more today than ever. 

The extremely limited edition variants of this one of a kind offering are as follows… 

12″ LP on black vinyl – limited to 30* 
12″ LP on white with red and black splatter – limited to 30* 
12″ LP on transparent milky clear/ red marbled – limited to 50* 
Digipak CD – limited to 100 
Cassette (black shell) – limited to 50 
LP/T-shirt bundle – vinyl on transparent milky clear/ red marbled  + T-shirt (light blue) – limited to only 50!* 
CD/T-shirt bundle – Digipak CD + T-shirt (light blue) limited to only 50! 
Cassette/T-shirt bundle – (black shell) + T-shirt (light blue) limited to only 50! 

*quantity specified for Night Demon Bandcamp store only 

**Standalone LP’s for European customers are available from High Roller Records in Germany at this link: https://www.hrrecords.de/high_roller/sites/release_detail.php?id=446 

NOTE: Night Demon’s Bandcamp shop does ship worldwide from California.  UK customers please use the Night Demon Bandcamp store vs. High Roller, as LP’s from Germany are not currently being shipped to the U.K. due to Brexit. 

To download the track “Night Demon” for free, go to https://nightdemon.net/dl and enter the code abcd-1234

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