After all this summer blockbuster nonsense is over with, we’ve got some science fiction movies coming out that look promising, if not at least more than giant robots and aliens beating the crap out of each other (that was a joke).

Let’s take a look:

Europa Report

August 2nd, 2013
This is a hard sci fi / documentary style film. It’s director Sebastiรƒยกn Cordero’s first science fiction movie. Looks low budget but interesting.

Ender’s Game

November 1st, 2013
Orson Scott Card’s classic finally makes it to theaters. I’ve never really thought this story would make a good film, but that’s me. I loved the book though. The trailer looks pretty good. I hope they pulled it off.


October 4th, 2013
Holy shit this looks awesome. I have some high hopes and high expectations for Alfonso Cuarรƒยณn’s second science fiction movie. I consider his Children of Men a masterpiece. Can’t wait!

The Colony

September 20 2013
Laurence Fishburne stars in this one. Reminds me of The Thing with the snowbound setting. The director is Jeff Renfroe who hasn’t done anything of note, so it’s a question mark. Trailer looks sufficiently cool.

The Human Race

This one reminds me of Cube. A bunch of people get mysteriously transported to some obscure location and they have to survive. Looks pretty bloody and violent. Another new director, Paul Hough. We’ll see.

14 / 100
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