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1:38am Mar 7

Sorry for the delay in this year’s Frost and Fire announcement. We’ve definitely had some challenges securing the things we want to make happen. Things have been extremely busy for Night Demon and we wanted to make sure to put our full energy and focus into the festival, as we always do. This will be our final year putting on the festival in Ventura. It’s been a whole lot of work for us to keep the festival going in the same places at the same time of year, consistently. We almost didn’t do it this year, but since our town was dealt a devastating blow with the recent wildfires, we agreed to sacrifice our own availability and even turn down some great tours to host this event one last time. So if you haven’t been to Frost and Fire before and have always wanted to go, or you’ve been a regular and want to enjoy it one final time…. check in with us this Friday March 9 at 10:00am for the official announcement. WE PROMISE!

Thank you all for your love and patience.

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