Tim Buley 11:25pm Aug 18
The Guitarist.

Susan Crawford 11:28pm Aug 18
Love Larry Nass on that! Amazing.

Clifford James 11:29pm Aug 18
Boy this is great!

Tim Buley 11:43pm Aug 18
One of my earlier memories is putting coins on a train track with Larry and Mary before Linnea? was born

Jeffery L. Hayden 11:57pm Aug 18
Takes me back to the big jams under the oak tree on Canada Larga. 🙂

Susan Crawford 11:58pm Aug 18
We need more pics and videos! 🙂

Tim Buley 12:05am Aug 19
I’m sure there’s a bunch of Bombers stuff out there.

Patrick Buley 12:40am Aug 19
Tim, This is Larry at some of his finest. I’ve seen this before. Happy to see it again. Thanks

Tim Buley 12:49am Aug 19
He looks younger than I am now. Came across it by chance and was like "I know that guy" 😉

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