We are very proud as we march into a new era for us and our true fans, as we usher in the Night Demon Heavy Metal Podcast and hand over the keys to unlock the Night Demon universe via our brand new proprietary subscription platform! 

Step into the darkness as we peel back the curtain to give you an unprecedented all-access look into the mind and the heart of the Demon! 

We’re talking band history, song analysis, studio anecdotes, and stories from the road. It’s everything a die-hard Night Demon fan could want and more. This is the only place to learn the inside scoop, the deep-dive trivia, and the untold tales from the band members themselves and those closest to the Night Demon story. 

Need more? The sacred Night Demon crypt will be pried open to reveal demo recordings that have never before seen the light of day, all with in-depth commentary by the band and the people who were there for the writing and recording process. This is a goldmine, a treasure trove of all things Night Demon. 

Be forewarned: It’s gonna be a wild ride and it’s not for the faint of heart. Now, if you dare, strap yourself in, drink from the Chalice, and join your host Nesbit as we go full speed ahead into the world of Night Demon … 

You can listen to the first episode at nightdemon.net/podcast 


Become a Night Demon subscriber! Not only will you be doing your part to support a true heavy metal band out there really living it, you will also gain access to the benefits below and much more!!!!! 


  • Unedited episodes of the Night Demon Heavy Metal Podcast 
  • Loads of bonus podcast content 
  • Exclusive subscriber-only merch store with rare items from the band’s archives 
  • Stream never-before-heard demos 
  • Stream unearthed live concerts from the vault 
  • Annual Holiday Card mailed to your home 
  • Chat with the other Night Demon die-hards on the exclusive subscriber forum 

Gain early access to: 

  • All press releases 
  • Album pre-orders 
  • New merchandise 
  • Concert tickets 
  • Tour announcements 

In addition, Night Demon will be donating 10% of every subscription fee to the Metal Cares Foundation – a charitable fund the band started in 2014 to aid those in our metal community. Join us as we make heavy metal history together as one! 

You can subscribe today at nightdemon.net/subscriber

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