Jamen Xtian 12:20am Feb 3
This song have lyrics, but for some reason not recorded.
Maybe that’s why!

I don’t know how you really feel,
I just know you ‘ve been hurt.
Wish I could say what I really feel,
But I know you need more than words.
To say everything I wanted to say,
I ‘d have to have a book.
But you can say so much more
With just a single look
Maybe That’s Why, Maybe That’s Why
I love you…
Close my eyes and I see your face,
My heart starts beating your name.
Look in your eyes and I melt away,
I know I ‘ll never be the same.
Now here’s the moral of the story,
I know it’s easier said than done.
Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself,
No matter, nomatter what comes.
You ‘ve got the power, you ‘ve got the strength,
I know you ‘re gonna pull through
And just in case it matters,
remember that I believe in you.

Dani Besserwisser 6:46am Feb 3
Its been recorded also, just not released.

Alessandro Spillare 12:03pm Feb 3
Perfect song for camporella

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