Tim Baker 1:42am Nov 21
vintage Ungol!!

Charlie Taylor III 1:43am Nov 21
hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Page Townsley 1:44am Nov 21
Great photos!

Charlie Taylor III 1:46am Nov 21

Wayne Catalde 1:54am Nov 21
Incredible, thanks for sharing Tim!

Rickey Bryant 1:59am Nov 21

William Jannusch 2:04am Nov 21
These are incredible photos!! Many hails to you Tim! I have been a lifetime fanatic of Cirith Ungol since I discovered "King Of The Dead" at a record store as a teenager back in 1984…You guys rule!!

Dean Clark Chandler Jr. 2:29am Nov 21
Bad Fuckin Ass

Sean R Indiffint 2:30am Nov 21
let me guess, slimly attended, great photo opp – but the masses couldn’t figure it out OR couldn’t handle it. Another killer band I don’t need to guess had to struggle for every concert attendee. Love these shots. * Salutes *

Larry Padgett 2:44am Nov 21
Metal in the 805

Mike Barrett 3:00am Nov 21
If I was only there to see that….

Sean Young 5:34am Nov 21
Come on, join the legion!

Perry Grayson 5:55am Nov 21
Such killer vintage CU pix!!

Kazlauskas Jonas 6:59am Nov 21
Wowowowow !!!!

Mike Holy Terror Alvord 3:34pm Nov 21
I remember these guys! Awesome!

Kevin Ray 4:24pm Nov 21
I wish you could have come to Cincinnati area!

Rythm Hawk 11:51pm Nov 21

Tim Baker 5:38am Nov 22
gotta love Rob’s stainless steel Ludwigs

Charlie Taylor III 5:39am Nov 22
hell yes and the rickenbacker bass

Paulo Silva 6:24pm Nov 24

Dani Besserwisser 3:43pm Jul 16
Where and when are these photos from?

cyberseo_rss_source: https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UCA-1iX8nRk_8jw-y6DFOomg
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