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9:23pm Jul 17
We just returned from the Bang Your Head Festival! Set in the idyllic town of Balingen, Germany. This amazing event was the largest festival we ever played. The weather looked gloomy which fits our music, and we were relieved to be spared from the extreme heat from the previous week.

A light but steady rain poured from the sky, revealing the bravest of the headbangers before us! Cirith Ungol has a history of conjuring rain, and after 4 songs we punched a hole in the sky with "Blood & Iron" unleashing the devil’s rain! Lightning had struck down an attendee in a previous year, so as the crowd scrambled for cover, we were told the promoters had to stop the show. A journalist once called us the grandfathers of Doom Metal so we just assumed we had succeeded in our mission of invoking A Churning Maelstrom of Metal Chaos Descending! As the sky cleared, and we realized that our mission was not over, we mounted the stage with increased vigor, and proceeded to lay down a molten mass of Metal. At the first riffs of "Black Machine", the crowd swarmed the sodden field reveling in the punishment we would extract!

Cirith Ungol would like to thank; the promoters, all the metal bands we shared the stage with, Metal Blade Records Europe for their unequaled support, Martin Thatsmetal our caretaker, Hotel Stadt Balingen for the wonderful accommodations, our brothers in arms Night Demon, all the staff and vendors that make this such a killer event, the town of Balingen, who open their arms every year to the the headbangers in masse, and last but not least our loyal minions in the "Legions of Chaos" who withstood the onslaught of nature to witness the power of Ungol on a field wet with the blood of the sun!

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