ID 6205 • Edition Grim Harvest: Complete Metal Massacre Volumes I-XII • Record Metal Massacre 1Band Various artistsRelease date 1998 • Release label Metal Blade Records • Release number D207373


Special box set, limited and numbered, with 11 Metal Massacre discs, from Volume I to Volume XII. All CDs have sequential numbers marked (207373-1 to 207373-11). In addition, the CDs have similar catalog numbers beginning with 3984-14041-2, except for CD 10 (CDZORRO 4) and CD 11 (CAROL 2207), and CD 12, 3984-140482-2.

Originally released separately, CD 8 contains the Metal Massacre Vol. VIII (tracks 1-12) and Metal Massacre Vol. IX (tracks 13-18). Songs by Redrum, Pedifile, The Wrath, and Overdose (originally released on the Metal Massacre IX vinyl & cassette versions) were omitted in order to fit both albums onto one CD.

6 / 100
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The New Heavy Metal Revue presents Metal Massacre

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