2 years ago today: 40th Anniversary Clear Vinyl [fourth pressing] edition was released πŸ’ΏοΈ
2 years ago today: 40th Anniversary Ruby Red Vinyl [fourth pressing] edition was released πŸ’ΏοΈ
ID 21405 • Edition MC: MBR 3984-15708-3 – Red Metallic • Record Forever BlackBand Cirith UngolRelease date Fri 24 Apr 2020 • Release label Metal Blade Records • Release number 3984-15708-3 • Country Germany • Format Cassette/MC/Tape • Limited 250

Phonographic Copyright β„— – Cirith Ungol
Copyright Β© – Cirith Ungol
Exclusive Retailer – Kings Road Merch Europe
Kings Road Merch Europe limited edition of 250 copies.
Cassette color: Clear
Label type: Printed
Label color: Red Metallic
Text color: Black

DE: Forever Black – Cassette

14 / 100
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Forever Black

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