ID 29904 • Edition rare test proof prints of our first album “Frost & Fire” • Record Frost and FireBand Cirith UngolRelease label (self-packaging)

I am the drummer of the heavy metal band “Cirith Ungol” and I have a limited number of these very, very, rare test proof prints of our first album “Frost & Fire”, which was released over 40 years ago! I did the layout and design of the cover and requested to personally color proof the run at the printer. So several members of the band went down to approved the colors etc. of the album cover, and we grabbed a stack of the proofs to take home for promotion. These measure 25 5/16″ x 13 5/8″ it would be perfect for framing. It’s signed by three of the original members on this album, and I will throww in a few rare items for anyone who buys one of these! We signed a small stack of these and somehow misplaced them during a move, but I brought a few home, so if you’re a fan or collector of the band here’s a rare chance to pick up one of these extremely rare and unique items!

Of course it features the unparalleled artwork of Michael Whelan, whose epic painting “Stormbringer” graced the cover! There’s a lot of confusion about what version of our album covers was the first, but this was “it”, with the catalog number #13666! I’ve been trying to figure out how to ship these safely, and came up with the solution of rollin them up loosely in a heavy duty box. In order to get it to the buyer safely, I am including that in the shipping price. Of course there is no album included and all sales are final. Check out my other auctions I may have some other band memorabilia from time to time.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone in the music industry, canceled tours, concerts etc. I am selling these to help raise money for new drum heads, sticks and equipment!

Thanks for looking, and try to get out and catch one of our rare appearances!


Cirith Ungol – Frost And Fire – Super Rare Signed Album Proof Print 1981 at eBay

13 / 100
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Frost and Fire

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