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Metallica used to make fun of us and called us Dinosaur Rock, now that they have learned how to play their instruments I see that their music has the same tempo ours had 20 years ago. I feel the only reason they made it was the whole speed metal thing which I still don’t understand (I guess like Rap). For a while most bands were just trying to play as fast as possible. Being a bit more sophisticated, I saw speed metal as punk rock with long hair. To Cirith Ungol we never wrote a song based on tempo alone. Every consideration was given to the music to tell a story or convey a feeling of darkness or gloom. THICK…. POUNDING…. HEAVY…THIS IS WHAT METAL IS!!!!!! Like the beating of a human heart…. Like the pounding of mercenary iron shod shoes marching into battle…. Like the steady pounding of rain or thunder… like the fall of the ax…To me this is HEAVY… not the nervous tappings of immature musicians. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with fast or speed, it is the reliance on this gimmick alone, which I find amusing and confusing.



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