Article Episode #28 – The Story of Cirith Ungol – Part 4 • Published Fri 05 Feb 2021

This week’s episode concludes the four-part Cirith Ungol Story. We pick up the tale as Cirith Ungol join forces with Night Demon to play concerts around the world in 2017, including triumphant gigs at Keep It True and Up the Hammers festivals. You will learn how Armand came to fill in for Cirith Ungol at a series of high-profile European gigs, including Frost and Fire London, on two days’ notice. The guys take you through the “Witch’s Game” single in 2018, and then describe the writing and recording processes for what became the Forever Black album in 2020. Excerpts of highlight tracks are played, and the Night Demon members reflect on both their contributions and their boundaries to the album. Cirith Ungol share a glimpse of their exciting future release plans. And both bands stress their brotherhood and familial ties as the story of Cirith Ungol continues to be written in the years to come.


  • Bootleg audio of Join The Legion, Black Machine, and Frost and Fire live from the Frost and Fire III festival (2017)​
  • Never before heard Witch’s Game demo
  • Gallery of over 100 unearthed pro shot photos from Kulturpalast in Hamburg, Germany (2018) with Armand John Anthony on 2nd guitar​
  • Streaming audio from Rockpalast (2018) with Armand John Anthony on 2nd guitar
  • Legions Arise and The Frost Monstreme demos from the comeback album Forever Black


  • Cirith Ungol –
  • Frost and Fire Festival –
  • Keep It True –
  • Up the Hammers –
  • Stonehenge –
  • Rock Hard Festival –
  • Metal Blade Records –
  • Captains Quarters Recording Studio –



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