Zine Ghost Cult Magazine • Published Wed 26 May 2021
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We caught up with the Jarvis Leatherby of CirthUngol/Night Demon all about the new Cirth Ungol EP, “Half Past Human” due out from Metal Blade Records. We talked to Jarvis about life in the music industry during the lockdown, what expects to see when it’s over, the new EP, the bands’ unique approach to using old material, how Cirith Ungol reunited in 2016, the lasting power of heavy metal, how streaming affects older bands in the underground, new music on the way from all of his bands, untouchable bands Metalheads and Punks all agree on, and much more. Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy (www.instagram.com/ghostcultkeefy). Video editing by Omar Cordy of OJC Photography (https://www.instagram.com/ojcpics​​​​). Theme music by Salted Wounds (www.instagram.com/saltedwoundsnyc).


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