Zine Decibel Magazine • Issue Third in a trilogy • Journalist Mark Rudolph Published 2017

Also contains Cirith Ungol.

Metal Gods: A Tribute to Judas Priest is the third in a trilogy of graphic novels chronicling the history and influence of the godfathers of heavy metal. Edited by longtime by Decibel illustrator and Satan is Alive: A Tribute to Mercyful Fate and Morbid Tales!: A Tribute to Celtic Frost editor Mark Rudolph, Metal Gods boasts an impressive array of authors, artists and musicians offering hilarious anecdotes and personal experiences with the legendary Judas Priest—both real and imagined. Limited to 1800 copies worldwide. 168 pages.

There is also several paper with cartoon of Tim Baker and Robert Garven from Cirith Ungol. Contributor is Robert Garven.


25 / 100
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Storenvy: METAL GODS: A Tribute to Judas Priest (contains Cirith Ungol)

Storenvy: Cirith Ungol

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