Zine Suck City • Issue no.12 vol. 8 • Chapter Cirith Ungol 8¢ Descends • Journalist Rudo Anvilmeister • Published Jan 1986

Suck City no. 12 vol. 8, 1986. Suck City was a 80’s metal fanzine. This issue contains an interview with Tim Baker.

Long ago, a young man worshipped the ULTIMATE METAL band, Cirith Ungol!!! That young man was me, and now that I am old MO, I still worship at the altar of the ultimate Lovecraftian slime-mold chain gang, the original mutants of Chaos, Cirith F*@king Ungol! Never had there been a Metal band like them before, and never since. However, I am glad to learn that there are a host of young Metal bands who worship the mighty Ungol, as well as their Midwestern partners in Chaos, Manilla Road.

As I mentioned in my blog profile, I used to be a co-editor of an 80’s Metal fanzine, the 8 cent “Suck City.” Our modus operandi back then was to be known as “The Mag that Worshiped Cirith Ungol!” We worked hard at it, running numerous interviews, reviews, and the like. Below is a scan of an interview I did with the most resplendent and 8 cents singer of all-time, the AMAZING TIM BAKER! This was done back in 1986, when their “One Foot In Hell” opus was brand new.

Before things get too out-of-hand with this blog, with all sorts of goofy 8 cent stuff, I needed to put things in perspective first. Cirith Ungol, then everything else! (except a 1960 Studebaker Lark stationwagon).

For more on Cirith Ungol, check out:


Give Me 8 Cents,

Interview was 12 May 2008.



Suck City no.? vol. ?


When you are known as the zine which worships CIRITH UNGOL, this is the kind of letters you get … esp. with a little help from our friend & erstwhile Suck City staffer Ian Christe …

Hi Suck City!

To introduce me I would say I’m crazy with CIRITH UNGOL. It’s one of my favourite band as it’s to me so powerful and strong. Their music is magic and they are the only to play like they do, they make me fly away. I think it’s impossible to describe the energy. “Kind (sic) of the dead” is my favourite LP. It’s a classic worthy of old Sabbath. I’ve never heard a song like “Master of the Pit” somewhere else, with the beginning genius solo and, well, everything … Their spirit is also wonderful on the lyrics and the feeling of doom drives me revelation. I feel what they say and even more what they play. I hope I’m not getting boring but I can’t keep from congratulating highly CIRITH UNGOL when I’m talking about them. I love them.

That is the reason of my letter. A few times ago I wrote to IAN CHRISTE because there was a CIRTIH UNGOL article featuring in his mag. He told me to write to you saying CIRITH UNGOL is your favourite band. I was surprised as I know this gang is not well appreciated anywhere. I’m happy he gave me that news. I’m now really waiting to see SUCK CITY: it must be great.

Here in France it’s useless telling you CIRITH UNGOL is unknown or unloved but I would be really sad to see everyone listening to a music they can’t understand. As said Ian “I’m happy we don’t see them everywhere.” He also told me that never before a gang featured in such a number of issues as it did with you. I’m so impatient to see that. So I joined $5 for two issues if they are available. Eveything about CIRITH UNGOL interests me as I’ve got nearly no news and few articles about them. I’m only waiting to learn more about them again. Could you possibly give me some news about what they’re doing? Is it possible to get live tapes?

Except this I listen to really a few gangs. I love Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and only the kind of metal cause nothin’ else gives me the same feelings. If some of your issues are featuring this kind of gangs at Trouble or Candlemas tell it to me.

Waiting for your answer impatiently. Keep the faith alive in CIRITH UNGOL – Thanx a lot.

So long,

Perronnas, FRANCE
no postmarked envelope available; best guess? circa 1987.

sucks-crazy02 Suck City no.12 vol. 8


  • (musical notes) “pray you’ll never kneel” (musical notes);
  • (Can anyone fuck a drawing as I just did?) – that’s a CIRITH UNGOL t-shirt he’s wearing (in case there was any doubt);
  • “A churning maelstrom of CHAOS DESCENDING” -CIRITH UNGOL
    unpublished letter & drawing randomly selected from the Archives, Baby!

Horns up, Florian! Hope you’re keeping the faith alive in CIRITH UNGOL … wherever you are.

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3 years ago

I just barely caught the tail end of this back in the 80s with the two issues of Suck City that I had. I miss St. Bacon, too.

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