This is probably the crowning achievement of our label so far. Ever since we did the classic CIRITH UNGOL interview in the late 90’s with Robert Garven back when we published STEEL CONJURING magazine, our ultimate dreams were to see the band live someday, reissue their “Paradise Lost” album officially on vinyl and also make available to the public their untitled 6-track EP that would follow the “Paradise Lost” masterpiece.

Being in close contact with 3 of the original members since 2010, we finally managed to agree with the band and release their lost masterpiece, coupled with 2 more “Paradise Lost” era recordings. The 8-song album will finally see the light of day in December, 2015, on CD & LP featuring a classic painting of the great Frank Frazetta and will be entitled “Chaos Realm”.

The track listing of the album is the following:
1. Chaos Realm
2. Dark Desire
3. Join The Legion (alternate version)
4. The White King
5. Cold Blooded Killer
6. Yadsโ€™Lo Of Lirpa
7. Sailor on the Seas of Fate
8. One Million Years B.C.

We really want to thank you all for nearly 15 years of buying our releases and this is the least we could do to reward your support. For the moment we’re revealing a first draft of the cover artwork and in the next month we’ll upload one song from the album.

Waste no time and JOIN THE LEGION!!! HAIL!!!!


(April Fools’ Day, Cult Metal Classic, 2015)


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