A metal label is probably named after this song, Doomed Planet. The label is called Doomed Planet Records and describes themself as “an underground mailorder label, specializing and dedicated to making vinyl only releases, in editions of 500 copies by cult 80’s style traditional metal”. The label was also supposed to release Falcon’s debut album on vinyl, but unfortunately that vinyl never saw the lights of day. Cirith Ungol is listed as their second musical influence, only after Brocas Helm, on their MySpace-site. They also have a website (Update 2018: Down). It was through Rob Preston of Doomed Planet Records that Perry Grayson discovered Cirith Ungol. Preston was also the guy who introduced Rob Garven to Perry Grayson, and Garven was in turn the guy who introduced Greg Lindstrom to Perry, which would be the beginning of Falcon.

Although I have no confirmation that it is named after the band, I guess it’s a good guess!


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