My thought about Cirith Ungol
  • There is very few songs who has heard it. Example: Rock โ€™nโ€™ Roll Hooker,ย Radiation Blues,ย Flesh Dart, Crack of Dawn etc.ย I hope there is new re-released. Put them on box set or something. If they are not recorded or they have lost it somewhere, they could re-record it (ex. Rock ‘n’ Roll Hooker, 1972 lost it/re-recording).
  • There are songs that are on standard live songs (ex. Frost and Fire, I’m Alive, Doomed Planet, Join the Legion, etc). But there are songs that are not playing again (ex. A Little Fire, What Does It Take, Edge Of A Knife, Better Off Dead, Maybe Thatโ€™s Why with or without vocal, The Troll, Go It Alone, etc). Can you have these songs live again?
  • Very few songs have heard the studio or live. Example Shelobs Lair (with Neil Beattie), Animal Passion, Worse Things Waiting, etc.ย Can you have these songs studio or live again?
  • I wish there was a Flint, Neil,ย Joe, Rob, Vern, Michael coming to play guest live songs and/or studio songs. Is there even more (additional) members?
  • Cirith Ungol – movie or a documentay. Like Anvil – The Story Of Anvil (2008), Iron Maiden – Flight 666 (2009), Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (2019) etc. Not another concert and not a two guys sitting and talking few hours.
  • Lyrics.
  • Everything they have made in chronological order.

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      Kevin Gibbs
      Kevin Gibbs
      13 years ago

      I have them on CD already except Servants. I’d buy them all again if they were packaged in the way suggested. Heck, I’d buy Servants if it were simply made available again for a reasonable price.
      Does the band have the original masters? They probably don’t in the case of all releases as I think they signed away all rights to Paradise at least.
      If they can get them then perhaps they could re-master them the way they see fit but that’s gonna cost coin.
      Personally, I think they all sound pretty good and I’ve grown crotchety in my old age so change isn’t always for the better IMO, especially if the added touches don’t exist. I think there were some quotes about the best takes of Tim’s vocals being actually trashed on the floor in the Paradise sessions. If those best takes don’t exist anymore then I say let sleeping dogs lie.
      Now, that isn’t to say I wouldn’t buy any re-release as long as I know the artists themselves receive just compensation. The fellas in this band were way more creative than most bands and they deserve something more than an attaboy for that.
      I’m just a fan though and I know that building a fan base is difficult so like I said I’d buy Servants if it were re-released but I’m not sticking money in anyone’s bread jar unless the band sees some of that.

      12 years ago

      It would be very exciting to find out the entire Cirith Ungol back catalog
      was going to be re-released as deluxe edition Cd’s with bonus material included.
      Each should come with an up-dated booklet with rare photos and liner notes from
      the band members.</p>
      <p>It’s an absolute crime for these brilliant recordings to remain out of print.
      These incredible musicians were robbed by the very industry they dreamed would
      help elevate them to fame and fortune the first time around. Lets give this
      incredible band what it deserves by releasing these incredible recordings with
      all the grandeur they rightfully deserve. There is a whole new generation of
      heavy music fans that need to hear the majesty that is/was the mighty Cirith

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