My thought about Cirith Ungol
  • There is very few songs who has heard it. Example: Rock ’n’ Roll HookerRadiation BluesFlesh Dart, Crack of Dawn etc. I hope there is new re-released. Put them on box set or something. If they are not recorded or they have lost it somewhere, they could re-record it (ex. Rock ‘n’ Roll Hooker, 1972 lost it/re-recording).
  • There are songs that are on standard live songs (ex. Frost and Fire, I’m Alive, Doomed Planet, Join the Legion, etc). But there are songs that are not playing again (ex. A Little Fire, What Does It Take, Edge Of A Knife, Better Off Dead, Maybe That’s Why with or without vocal, The Troll, Go It Alone, etc). Can you have these songs live again?
  • Very few songs have heard the studio or live. Example Shelobs Lair (with Neil Beattie), Animal Passion, Worse Things Waiting, etc. Can you have these songs studio or live again?
  • I wish there was a Flint, NeilJoe, Rob, Vern, Michael coming to play guest live songs and/or studio songs. Is there even more (additional) members?
  • Cirith Ungol – movie or a documentay. Like Anvil – The Story Of Anvil (2008), Iron Maiden – Flight 666 (2009), Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (2019) etc. Not another concert and not a two guys sitting and talking few hours.
  • Lyrics.
  • Everything they have made in chronological order.

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