4 years ago today: Heavy Rawkin’ Rare was released πŸ’ΏοΈ
Record Anthology • Band Axecuter Format Compilation appearances • Published 2014



Bangers Prevail
01Bangers Prevail
02The Axecuter
03Ritual Of Decibels
04Dominios of Death (Vulcano cover)
Innocence Is Our Excuse
05Innocence Is Our Excuse
06Blades Of The Hun
Metal Is Invincible
07Heavy Metal To The World (Manilla Road Cover)
The Axecuter
08The Axecuter
09Ritual Of Decibels
Raise The Axe
10Raise The Axe
11Blackened Are The Priests (Venom Cover)
12Blood And Iron (Cirith Ungol Cover)


Blood And Iron

8 / 100
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