Record Guided By Evil Light • Band SpiritBell Format Album and Compilation appearances • Published Wed 16 Nov 2016


  1. The Nameless Soldier 4:49
  2. Desert Ghost 6:32
  3. The Flying Dutchman 4:19
  4. Breath of the Raven 5:32
  5. Full Moon Madness 4:38
  6. I Am the Vengeance (Demo 2016) 5:00
  7. Queen of the Night (Demo 2016) 4:24
  8. Ivan the Terrible (Demo 2016 – instrumental) 3:52
  9. Horgonyt fel! (Demo 2012) 4:37
  10. Doomed Planet (Demo 2013 – Cirith Ungol cover) 4:27

Witches Brew β€Žβ€“ BREW073

    • Track 6, 7, 8 are previously unreleased songs in demo versions recorded in 2016.
    • Track 9 is a demo recorded in 2012.
    • Track 10 is a Breath Of The Raven of Cirith Ungol cover recorded in 2013.


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