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Unreleased soundtrack album. CD: 2002 (Game Two Records). Cirith Ungol was supposed to appear on the soundtrack on Vol. II, but it was unfortunately never happened.

I am Vengeance – Vol. I (2001)

Richard R. Anasky’s I Am Vengeance – the revenge biography: the official MeteorCity Soundtrack

22 May 2001 (Meteor City Records, MCY-016)

  1. David William Hughs (Lowrider)
  2. “My name is David William Hughes”
  3. I Am Vengeance (Doomsday Gouvernment)
  4. Bullet in My Head (Blood Farmers)
  5. “I’d like to report a killing…”
  6. Mother’s Gone (The Awesome Machine)
  7. Burning A Sinner (Eternal Elysium)
  8. Calling Cosmos (Space Probe Taurus)
  9. Lost Confidence (Naevus)
  10. Sea of Tomorrow (sHEAVY)
  11. Day of the Comet (Dan Fondelius)
  12. Cannibal Love Song (Bongwater666)
  13. The Answer / “Vote Pearcy” (Dan Fondelius)
  14. In My Sadness (Las Cruces)
  15. Killing Words (Rainmaker888)
  16. Scream (Count Raven)
  17. Mind Drifter (The Quill)
  18. Decision (Doomsday Gouvernment)

Runtime: 71 minutes. The trailer is “I am Vengeance” (Vol. I). The film is unreleased.

I am Vengeance – Vol. II (2002-07)

unfinished 2002 – 06 Mar 2007 (Game Two Records; ?)
09 May 2007 – “The following will never see the light of day”

  • Bongwater (same as Vol. I, Bongwater666)
  • Buffalo
  • Church of Misery
  • Cirith Ungol – Shelob’s Lair (?)
  • Eternal Elysium (same as Vol. I)
  • Grief
  • Mirror of Deception
  • Northwinds
  • Pentagram
  • sHeavy (same as Vol. I)
  • Solitude Aeturnis
  • Solstice
  • etc.

V/A: I Am Vengeance soundtrack CD – Mike got some nasty video clips, sound samples and missing tracks from Richard Anasky and will soon begin to sequence and compile our version of the soundtrack. The METEORCITY version was released to muc acclaim several months ago. G2’s volume [edit: Game Two Records] will feature BONGWATER, BUFFALO, CHURCH OF MISERY, CIRITH UNGOL, GRIEF, MIRROR OF DECEPTION, PENTAGRAM, SHEAVY, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, SOLSTICE and many more.


Speak about the two soundtracks, the labels, who put them out, and the bands on them. Who did decide about the bands on the soundtracks, how did you hook up with Game Two Records and MeteorCity?

The Soundtracks… Now THIS was the most enjoyable aspect of making IAV!

Meteor City recently released soundtrack Volume 1 and it includes nothing but incredible bands! Amongst the bands appearing on this Volume are “Space Probe Taurus”, “sHEAVY”, “Count Raven”, “Rainmaker888”, “Bongwater666”, “Naevus”, “Lowrider” and MANY other’s! Meteor City has done an amazing job in crafting a perfect flow amongst the bands, styles and songs and Jeff Shirilla (Abdullah) delivered perfect sleeve art! I absolutely loved his choice to put the 2 masked cultists on the cover!

GAME TWO Records will release soundtrack Volume 2 some time in the future (I’m still getting things together for it). This volume will contain Doom heavyweights like “Pentagram”, “Church of Misery” (who’ve delivered an AWESOME original IAV track in “Retal”!), “Solitude Aeturnus”, “Northwinds”, “Mirror of Deception” and many more of course. The GAME TWO Volume will also include a touch of old school metal courtesy of “Cirith Ungol” and NWOBHM legends, “Buffalo”. Both soundtracks also contain original score music from Dan Fondelius.

I made all the choices as to which bands and which songs would appear on the soundtrack… Credit Meteor City with leading some good bands to the project though. They introduced “Lowrider”, “The Quill” and “Mirror of Deception” to me for soundtrack consideration and each ended up contributing an excellent track!

Meteor City hooked up with me through the Internet and they’re also responsible for leading GAME TWO into this madness.

Psychedelic fanzine #9/#10, also on


“Lord of the Rings” is a great movie, better than I expected. The actors were all good, the special effects were great, and the scenery was breathtaking. I can’t wait to see the second part. We have an unreleased song called “Shelob’s Lair” that would be quite appropriate for the second movie, “The Two Towers”. We will be on the soundtrack to the horror movie “I Am Vengeance”, on Game Two Records, coming in 2002.

Greg Lindstrom, various interviews


For some unknown reasons, they do not appear on the album. Tracklist below so you can double check. The soundtrack was released on MeteorCity in 2001. Also it is subtitled “Vol. 1”, but I can’t find any volume 2. I asked Game Two Records about it, and here’s the answer:

It’s true that Game Two was supposed to release Volume II of the IAV [edit: I Am Vengeance – Vol. II] soundtrack, but it never happened.  It was due to some difficulties I had with a partner in Game Two at the time named Mike Knecht.  Mike received all the master recordings for the release but never finished compiling the album.  He eventually dropped out of the scene.  It sucks for me because I paid MeteorCity royalties to do the release but I was never able to take advantage of selling it.

Conan Hultgren, Game Two Records, 11 Mar 2010


The second (Vol. II) soundtrack, trailer and film is unreleased. Some of the band Pentagram and Death Row (Bobby Liebling) are released on Game Two Records.

Actress Apocalypse

The film Richard Anasky’s Actress Apocalypse (2005) also appeared on the trailer 1 “I am Vengeance – Volume I” (MeteorCity, 2001). “I Am Vengeance is the making of which is what inspired Anasky to concoct Actress Apocalypse in the first place” (

  • ActressApocalypse I Am Vengeance | Cirith Ungol OnlineFilm Actress Apocalypse
  • Deleted scenes (and outtakes)
  • Bloopers and Outtakes
  • Cast Interviews
  • Sexy Stripper Vignette (featurette)
  • Trailers (for Actress Apocalypse and I Am Vengeance)
  • Bonus CD Soundtrack
  • Unrated Directors Cut
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews
  • Director Commentary
  • Extended shower scene
  • The Lincoln Brothers pilot

Soundtrack contains Space Probe Taurus (2001-03)

  1. Barefoot
  2. Blow
  3. Buzz Amp.
  4. Catch the Phoenix Slowdown
  5. Crystal Mountain Revolution
  6. Doper
  7. Electric Explosion
  8. Gravity Rush
  9. Into the Hole
  10. Molten Lava
  11. Psi-Burn
  12. Searchin’
  13. Supersonic Woman
  14. The Iguana






I am Vengeance - Volume I (2001) (short is IAV-I)

released on Meteor City Records

released on youtube


I am Vengeance - Volume II (2002-7) (short is IAV-II)

unreleased on Game Two Records



Actress Apocalypse (2005) (short is AA)

released, AA Bonus CD Soundtrack

released on DVD, trailer is AA and IAV-I

released on DVD


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