Record The First Decade • Band Various artists Format Various artists • Published Nov 2005


  1. Saturdays – BITCH
  2. Dead of the Night – DEMON FLIGHT
  3. Black Magic – SLAYER
  4. Only the Strong Will Survive – OBSESSION
  5. Captor of Sin – SLAYER
  6. Valley of the Dolls – FATES WARNING
  7. The Fire – CIRITH UNGOL
  8. Desecrator – FLOTSAM AND JETSAM
  9. Me Against the World – LIZZY BORDEN
  10. Unchained Angel – NASTY SAVAGE
  11. Foggy Day in Hollywood – MASI
  12. Rot Gut – HALLOWS EVE
  13. Baptized in Blood – HELSTAR

Nov 2005 Metal Blade Records

ID: 2718
title: CD: (Metal Blade Records; CD PRO 817-2)

Release label: Metal Blade Records
Release number: CD PRO 817-2
Release date: Nov 2005
Format: CD

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The Collectorโ€™s Guide to Heavy Metal Volume 2: The Eighties / Includes a CD of Eighties Rarities!

The First Decade, 10 The First Decade or The 10 First Decade.

Ps! The song is The Fire from 1986, not Fire (cover of Arthur Brown) from 1991. The Cirith Ungol song The Fire is mislabeled as just Fire on the CD. That wouldn’t matter too much if it wasn’t for that the band has another song named just Fire.

The Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal Vol. 2: The Eighties

18 / 100
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