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Jarvis Leatherby and Armand John Anthony is part of a guest of The Rise of Chaos (Part II).

Ancient Weapon ChaosPath | Cirith Ungol Online

Vocalist Ancient Weapon

Limited Special Edition “Rise Of The Apocalypse”
The limited edition “Rise Of The Apocalypse” includes CD, patch, pics, signed A2 poster (folded) and sticker. The package comes in a Chaos Path bag with XXL straps. Package is limited to 50 pieces and handnumbered.

Our first label release “Rise Of The Apocalypse” on Golden Core / Zyx Music. The jewelcase CD included the 14 tracks of our two vinyl albums “The Awakening” and “Downfall” (also including the vinyl bonustrack “Unter Wรถlfen”) plus 3 fantastic live bonustracks. The release has a 16 page booklet with a lot of rare and unpublished fotos, the lyrics of both albums, liner notes from f.e. Robert Garven/Cirith Ungol, Armand/Night Demon and Nasreten/Visegard plus a complete new and awesome artwork.

Album comes with a sticker of the artwork.

21 / 100
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