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The earthly bodies containing the minds behind HYBORIAN STEEL are not important. The essence of the band lives in the common past of all mankind, somewhere between Hyboria and Atlantis, not far from the Age of Heroes and the days forgotten by written history. HYBORIAN STEEL’s goal is to unleash primordial metal sounds not to be compromised by marketing, mediocrity, expectations or reality. If you enjoy the idea of an old school US metal band dealing with swords and sorcery welcome aboard and enjoy the ride! (In the band’s own word)

Hyborian Steel has Cirith Ungol as one of their main influences and have covered War Eternal.

Theodore Ulysses Berry also known as Guido “Barbaresque” Tiberi (guitar): Assedium, Axevyper, Hyborian Steel and guest Finger of Scorn.

12 / 100
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Hyborian Steel – Blood Steel Glory

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