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  • Franck or Frank Heissler – Bass (basse)
  • Jean-Marc Gogel – Batterie (drums)
  • Shaher Bijan (Michael Johnson) – Guitares (guitars)
  • Gilles – Claviers (keyboards)
  • Frenzy or Francis Philippon – Guitares (guitars)
  • Michel Torres – Chant (vocals)

This is a French fronted metal band where the lesser known Cirith Ungol guitarist Michael Johnson was in in the late 1980’s.

I recorded a 45 with Mystery Blue when they decided to take a more “commercial” direction with a ballad called Mary and a remake of their most famous song ‘Rock’n’Roll Hero” which we recorded at a pretty famous studio called .

We recorded at Studio Condorcet in Toulouse, France in 1989.

Michael Johnson, 19 May 2010

    An unreleased Rock’n’Roll Heroes (remake) and a single released at the time Michael Johnson was a member of the band, tracklist on Mary (version française) and Mary (version anglaise).

    Another Side (1988)

    1. In the streets again
    2. The criminal sin
    3. I’m a man
    4. Back with the heroes
    5. She’s a mystery
    6. I’ll believe in you
    7. Vicious games
    8. Rock’n’Roll Heroes (remake)

    Studio SNIP. The track 1 til 7 are from Frenzy Philippon (guitar), Jean-Marc Gogel (drums), Michel Torres (vocals), Franck Heissler (bass) and Steve Mosley (guitar). The track 8 is probably Bijan from Rock’n’Roll Heroes (remake).

    Mary (19 sep 1989)

    1. Mary (version française)
    2. Mary (version anglaise)

    Rare and unreleased songs

    There is a lot of rare released or unreleased songs of Mystery Blue from at least the 1980’s. I contacted with them of 1988-1989 with CD, LP, youtube, mp3, etc, but no one has it.

    I don’t have these songs. Greetings Nathalie

    Mystery Blue, Feb 2020

    i’m afraid i can not help you : i am working at studio Condorcet for 13 years (since 2007). Hope you can find by yourself ! Regards O

    Studio Condorcet, Feb 2020


    Can anyone have Mary (version française and anglaise) and Rock’n’Roll Heroes (remake) ?

    22 / 100
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