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The band are fans of Cirith Ungol and they are wearing a CU shirt in the music video for their song Angel of Death.

This shirt is being weared in the music video for The Gates of Slumber – Angel of Death. Rob/Greg (?) appreciates that in an interview. The band The Lamp of Thoth can also be seen in this or a similar shirt.

A kneeling skeletons-logo patch is being weared by The Gates of Slumber in their music video for Ice Worm. The band is known to be big Ungolfans. Also see the Falcon (album)-page for a link to Karl Simon (Gates of Slumber)’s Falcon-review!

Simonโ€™s review of the S/T Falcon album on Hellride Music forum! – Falcon

Vocalist and guitarist Karl Simon is also fan of Falcon. He gave their debut album 10/10 in his review at Hellride Music (archive).

Right off the bat, what can I say? You take Perry Grayson, guitarist of Destiny’s End, who also handles the vocal duties, Darin McCloskey of Pale Divine, and Greg Lindstrom of Cirith Ungol, a lot of talent on one record. The how’s and why’s of the band forming passed me by, but to be frank I could give a damn why; I’m just glad that they did!

The warm old school tones and classic 70’s metal vibe are thick on this disk. At times I swear this is a lost Ungol record.

‘Downer’, the opening cut comes out of the gate like a song off Frost and Fire with a rocked out metal riff, and vocals that set a mood the likes of which I haven’t heard on a record in a long time. Through the songs progress there are hints of Black Sabbath, vintage Pentagram and even a tinge of Thin Lizzy, excellent lead work (as if one expected anything less).

It’s fitting that the third cut is a tribute to Phil Lynott – as Perry conjures up Robbo and Gorham to play the opening lick in true Lizzy form. Bobby Liebling guests on this song for a super effect. Just before the solo there is a heavy break that I just can’t get over. It just doesn’t get much better than this. And after the lead back to the haunting opening runs. Fuckin A. Super well written, a song that you could listen to for an hour and not get tired of it once.

The Crying of Lot 246 brings us some doomed tones 70’s style followed by verses that are melodic and bombastic in turns. And I failed to mention that there is a nice layer of keys under this too, not enough that you’d even notice it, I didn’t until listening to it again, a nice atmospheric wash, like what Ungol would have done.

Throwback is a slice of vintage 70’s metal that certain Swedes would kill to be able to crank out. Killer lyrics that reference Vitus and Penta-classic songs. For some reason I keep thinking about Baker’s vocals on โ€œEdge of the Knifeโ€ all through this. This song is the deserving heir to that one.

A nice cover of Bang’s Redman follows. But you know, as good as this is I’d have rather heard another original.

The mood changes here as Lindstrom’s material takes center stage, I swear to god that Tim Baker is singing this song! Jesus Christ a band like this is needed today. “I’m Attila the Hun – On Wheels!” The Ungol connection, as you’ve read is strong here, and I hope that I don’t have to apologize for this, it’s in no way a negative! Since getting this I’ve been on a fucking Cirith Ungol rampage. โ€œRoute 666โ€ follows this form and like โ€œFrost and Fireโ€ manages to get you fucking raging – I’ll bet this band fucking kills everything live. I notice Greg picks up the guitar for some leads on these songs? Attention bassists on the west coast: get your head out of your ass and beg to join this band! For the love of God.

Now my favorite song on this damn thing: Shelob’s Lair. I’m convinced that after seeing me headbang while on the computer my family wants to have me comitted. And maybe they should do just that. “Slay that bitch.” You know prior to hearing this I was really sort of disillusioned with things, but there are still songs worth hearing.

Half Past Human, a tale of degenerated human kind in the future. And as I type this, I can’t tell you which song I like better, this or Shelob’s Lair! To carry on more with this review would be pointless.

To sum it up: this is fucking god. It’s like Cirith Ungol came back from the dead, and that aint a bad thing at all! In fact it’s all that I had wished for an more from this. Many albums will be mentioned in “album of the year” threads from here to hell; this one should be on everyone, if it isn’t you know that the list is bogus. I hope that this band will be around for years to come! Cheers guys!!

10/10 x 10 to the tenth power
I’m buying my t-shirt now.



14 / 100
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