And probably one of the best finds of all…check …

Susan Crawford 3:29am Feb 25
And probably one of the best finds of all…check out Larry Nass on an awesome guitar break with Flora Purim & Airto! Here playing at the Masson Winery, Saratoga, 1981.
So beautiful it will break your heart all over again.

Doc Peru 4:32am Feb 25

Alan Thornhill 4:40am Feb 25
Thank you for finding this, Susan!

Patrick Lysaght 5:38am Feb 25

Gail Boyer Thompson 10:14pm Mar 1
very cool. I hadn’t seen Larry play since the early 70

Gail Boyer Thompson 10:25pm Mar 1
Larry was in my class Buena 1970. There was a lot of local talent & great music. somewhere I heard that Larry & his brother Mike both died. Is that true? If so, what happened?

Patrick Lysaght 11:08pm Mar 1
Gail Boyer Thompson, Susan Buley Crawford, might have more info on Larry and Mike.

Susan Crawford 12:20am Mar 2
I am not sure about Mike, but Larry passed in 2000 of a stroke. He was only 47. 🙁

Hans Ottsen 1:53pm Mar 27
Great solo. Great tune – Mixing. I’ve been playing it lately with another Airto alum, Randy Tico.

Anne Kerbavaz 12:25am Feb 15
Wow….Susan, this is awesome! Made my day.

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