Susan Buley Crawford was your brother Daniel with …

Patrick Lysaght 10:24pm Feb 23
Susan Buley Crawford was your brother Daniel with "Full Sail" for this show?

Susan Crawford 10:47pm Feb 23
YES! 🙂 Full Sail at the Battle of the Bands, 1979. L to R: Dave Henderson, Dan Buley, Jay Vasquez, Tom Rudenko . Good times!! I’ll have more flyers to post also!

Mark Spurlock 2:23pm Feb 25
ha ha they spelt Cirth ungol CIRUTH UNGLE.

Mark Boogren 3:03pm Feb 25
The Rotters were hilarious and nearly caused a riot. They tossed their 45s into the crowd and the metalheads tossed them thru the building like frisbees.

Peter Vollmer 5:34am Feb 26
Sit on my face Stevie Nicks !!

Susan Crawford 12:54pm Feb 26
I remember seeing their single at Tower in L.A., I didn’t even know they were from Ventura!

Mark Boogren 4:06pm Feb 26
You rarely see these types of battle of the bands any more. They were sure fun back then.

Anne Kerbavaz 12:40am Mar 1
RIP to Mike Giddings, too. He joined Full Sail as bass player after Jay Vasquez

Susan Crawford 12:46am Mar 1
His name sounds really familiar. When did Mike pass away and what happened?

Jack Joaquin Peck 2:20am Jul 23
Hey,I played that gig with Snydly Whiplash!

Susan Crawford 3:13am Jul 23
=D !!!

Tom Rudenko 3:02am Apr 7
Boy I’m really late to this! I played with Dan and Full Sail at the Battle. Great times! I remember the Rotters set, epic. The drummer got hit in the head with one of the 45s, blood gushing out all over, crazy!

Geoff Hancock 7:47pm May 6

Geoff Hancock 7:48pm May 6

Ruben Duarte Jr. 5:37pm Jul 22
Jack Joaquin Peck you were in that band? i remember them!

Jack Joaquin Peck 12:47am Jul 23
Yes with the only black drummer I’ve played with without

Jeffery L. Hayden 5:15am Jul 23
Ruben Duarte Jr., where’s our Battle poster? Did we play in 80? 81?

Ruben Duarte Jr. 5:18am Jul 23
Jeff could have been 80 81 like you say. if i had it it would be in my storage id have to look.

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