Scott Campbell 10:06pm Feb 23
Kurt ‘THE CRUSHER" Grothe

Susan Crawford 10:07pm Feb 23
When did we lose The Crusher?

Patrick Lysaght 10:15pm Feb 23
Susan Buley Crawford we lost Kurt 27 years ago.

Patrick Lysaght 10:18pm Feb 23
Scott Campbell post this pic on Ungols group!

Susan Crawford 10:19pm Feb 23
Sorry to hear that. I remember Cirith Ungol! You must have been a great friend to him.

Scott Campbell 10:44pm Feb 23
done pat

Susan Crawford 11:49pm Feb 23
I think I remember a bit now, friends of mine knew him. Junior Vega and Johnny Barraza . Auto accident?

Patrick Lysaght 11:51pm Feb 23
Susan Buley Crawford yes Auto accident.

Susan Crawford 12:13am Feb 24
The body doesn’t last but music lives forever!

Scott Campbell 11:29pm Feb 24
Hey I know jr. Vega…. Love that guy!

Susan Crawford 12:06am Feb 25
He’s awesome, but I’m out of touch. Is Junior still playing? If not, he should be! 🙂

Tim Baker 3:53am Aug 22

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