Another great Ventura band from back in the day……

Jack Joaquin Peck 1:13am Apr 30
Another great Ventura band from back in the day…Prowler,which Geil formed after The Street.L-R from upper left corner.Geil Silver, Robert Griffin, Raywood Hendrick, Mark Higgins (drummer)BTW does anyone know whatever happened to Mark Higgins?I remember him being into punk before anyone was in Oxnard.He had all the Creem magazines from the east coast & was close friends with Bob Jones.I was in a band called Vicious Cycle(should have given me a clue.Lol)with both of them before The Street.He was also a fellow student of mine at Santa Clara High.Did Raywood pass away recently?I think he did.If anyone knows feel free to post the info please.great shot of the band

Revis Johnson 3:51am Apr 30
This looks like the original prowler bob griffin was a good friend and supporter of john’s music I haven’t seen him in years. I was honored the join the band prowler with jerry miller and raywood in the early 80s did raywood really pass?

Jack Joaquin Peck 5:44am Apr 30
I’ve just gotten word that Reywood was in a serious motorcycle accident & became quadriplegic.Don’t know if he’s in the county anymore.I do remember him doing a solo gig @ The Shores a while back before it happened.

Joel Lopez 5:55am Apr 30
Where can i listen to their music ?

Paul Matakiewicz 7:01am Apr 30
Now That is a face from the past (Higgins)

Mark Searcy 7:59am May 1

Tom Rudenko 8:07pm May 2
I was in a later version of Prowler with Raywood, Geil, Bob and Jerry Killer Miller. I think between 81-84 we must have played a 1,000 gigs. We used to tour around the west playing clubs and hotels in a 3-van ragtag caravan. Too many stories, good times. I don’t know Raywood’s status, but he was an original, a great writer, a true southern belter and could scream with the best of them.

Hans Ottsen 5:31pm Jul 22
I know Raywood. Great guy. I heard about the awful motorcycle accident a few years back. I have not heard he passed away. Respect.

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