Before it was whatever it is now,it was Club Soda …

Jack Joaquin Peck 3:45pm Apr 30
Before it was whatever it is now,it was Club Soda and before that the Mickey Moose Club.I believe this mgr.was Bob & I played with Mark Higgins in a band called Vicious Cycle there.Prowler apparently made him some money though & he looks happy about it.

Johnny Barraza 3:50pm Apr 30
Mickey Moose is where I met my Wife.

Clifford James 5:57pm Apr 30
Oh cool. I played there when it was Club Soda with my LA band Solid State in ’89. What is it now?

Tom Rudenko 8:51pm May 2
I remember sneaking into the Mickey Moose as a young teen and seeing this badass southern rock band called Navasota

Kevin Sage 12:47pm May 7
The late great Gary Moore played there way back

Susan Crawford 2:32am May 14
Tom – I saw Navasota play in Berkeley, at the Keystone Club, about 1976-77!

Ruben Duarte Jr. 5:31pm Jul 22
Right before Club Soda it was Averys.

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