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6:00am Oct 31
Better late than never…

My Heavy Rockin’ Raw radio show playlist for 25/10/18:

Free – I’m a Mover
Wishbone Ash – Warrior
Heavy Load – Full Speed at High Level
Kreator – Betrayer
Blue Cheer – Out of Focus
Iggy & The Stooges – Penetration
Shakey Mallard – Southern Preacher
Firebird – Stoned Believer
Lynyrd Skynyrd – That Smell
Hobo Magic – The World Today
Pentagram – Walk in the Blue Light (1973 version)
Falcon (shameless self-promotion) – Throwback
Liquid Sound Company – Ride the Coaster Pyramid
Place of Skulls – Last Hit
Thin Lizzy – Fool’s Gold
Warlord – Lost & Lonely Days
Sanctuary – White Rabbit
Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy
Three Man Army – What’s Your Name
Torch – Pain
Bang – Future Shock
Warrior – Fighting for the Earth
Atomic Rooster – Death Walks Behind You
Van Halen (by request) – Ain’t Talkin’ β€˜Bout Love

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