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10:24am Nov 1
Okay, so after many attempts to score a promo to review, I finally got a chance to see the Chuck Schuldiner (Official) documentary, DEATH BY METAL. This won’t be a "true review", but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised that my former METAL MANIACS editor Jeff Wagner got a lot of screen time. Jeff, I might add, gave me my first paid music writing gig nearly 20 years ago, and we share a love for all things Death (Official). I’m attaching the YouTube link here, but fear it might get removed shortly. If you’re even the least bit of a Death fan, you need to see this documentary!

Got a bit choked up towards the end of Chuck’s story. Despite having a serious form of cancer, Chuck was one courageous guy. Hoping to see the extra DVD special features soon. I won’t sit here and pick the flick to death (pun intended), as I feel the intent was there to primarily reflect Chuck’s life in all its complexity. I’ll never forget the short time I got to hang out with him. The fact that Chuck allowed me to watch Death’s soundcheck (in Ventura, California, back in ’98) speaks volumes about his loyalty and respect for his fans.

I wonder if Repulsion’s Scott Carlson and Matt Olivo are in the extras… Anybody know?

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