Some excellent news: Sydney stoner rockers Van have asked me to play lead guitar for them when they support San Francisco’s Acid King in October at the Doomsday II festival.

Oct. 2 – Doomsday II Festival – Newtown RSL – with VAN, Pod People, Summonus, Looking Glass, Clagg, Sons of Ionian Sea, Fattura Della Morte, Adrift for Days and Mother Mars. Doors at 5pm, and Van will be on at 6pm, so be sure to get there early!

Having seen Acid King in L.A. and SF many times, I can safely say Oz is in for a treat. Also, I’m stoked to be sharing the stage with Pod People and Looking Glass–and seeing my pals Daredevil on the 3rd.


top home Gig with Van in October - Acid King Aussie Tour | Cirith Ungol Online

Nathan Millett (who also drums for Summonus) and Mal Lloyd from Van are also keen to join me on some original tunes soon, so stay tuned for more news shortly! It goes without saying that I’m also refining material for the third Falcon album too. Never a dull moment…

Here’s the Doomsday – Sydney poster:

sydneydoomsdayl Gig with Van in October - Acid King Aussie Tour | Cirith Ungol Online


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