About a decade ago I wrote a brief Metal Maniacs "Fast Forward" article on my pals Prototype, the Southern California progressive metallers. Our history and friendship goes way back. They are definitely one of the full-tilt metal bands that I have stuck with through thick ‘n’ thin. Guitarist/vocalist Vince Levalois recently posted an old video on YouTube that was used as an intro to Prototype’s set at the Headway Festival in Amsterdam in 2003. Until this week I’d never seen the vid. Lo and behold, you can glimpse my mug for a coupla seconds, as well as my two other close Prototype - Cloned (1997)SoCal confidants and ex-bandmates from Artisan. Mike Bear (he was Prototype’s bassist from 1996-99) and Ana Greco (ex-Arti guitarist/vocalist). Regardless of the brief mugshot, I would like to take this opportunity to give Prototype another plug. I spent most of the afternoon yesterday watchin’ their old footage and listening to their tunes. Thanks for sharin’, Vince!

Before I forget, I’d also like to publicly say that I’m very stoked that Prototype’s Kragen Lum is finally getting some much-deserved attention from the metal masses through his lead guitar slot in Bay Area stalwarts Heathen. Kragen is a dude I always looked up to during my time in Destiny’s End and Artisan–still do! It’s a shame that talent and skill something get the short shrift in favor of cardboard hype. Seeing Prototype support Death in 1995 and 1998 was a doubly delicious metal feast!


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