ID 24695 • Edition 40th Anniversary 4CD/2LP – Ultimate Frost and Fire Original Bundle • Record Frost and FireBand Cirith UngolRelease date Fri 17 Dec 2021 • Release label Metal Blade Records • Release number 3984-14252-2 • Limited 15

Ultimate Frost and Fire Original Bundle includes:

  • Frost and Fire 40th Anniversary Autographed Art Book – 50 pages with 2LP/4CD
  • Original sealed 1981 Frost and Fire LP (first pressing and self-released on the band’s own Liquid Flames Records)
  • Original handbill from Cirith Ungol’s only show in Mexico 1982 (measures 9.5″ X 7″)
  • Overrun original Frost and Fire LP center labels (Side 1 & 2)
  • Original overrun (empty) Frost and Fire 12″ Jacket (autographed on back)
  • Original unused Cirith Ungol stickers from 1980 (quantity 3)
  • Red Carpet swatch from the original Cirith Ungol rehearsal space (1981-1991) (measures 4.25″ X 3″)
  • A piece of the original wood from the walls of Goldmine Studios, where Cirith Ungol recorded Frost and Fire (measures 11.5″ X 11.5″)

    A piece of the original walls of
    Goldmine Studios in Ventura, California,
    where Cirith Ungol recorded the albums

    Frost and Fire
    King of the Dead
    Onr Foot in Hell
    Paradise Lost

Costs $499.99 (2022), $400 (2023)

Thanks to everyone for celebrating the 40th anniversary of Frost and Fire with us this past week. We have an “Ultimate Frost and Fire Original Bundle” limited to 15 only worldwide. Remember to visit our Bandcamp page Friday at 12:01 am PST where we will be listing these for sale!
Check out the video to preview to one of the items that will be included in the bundle ⚔

18 / 100
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Frost and Fire

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