5 years ago today: Muskelrock på Tyrolen 2018 gigs or concerts was live 🎫️
Gig At Louie’s Life, Friday 1973 • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
Date Fri 23 Feb 1973
Time 20:30
Slogan At Louie’s Life - Heavy Metal Rock
Active played

“Heavy Metal Rock”, supporting Ballin’ Jack.

Only flyer has surfaced. Year is probably 1973.

Greg Lindstrom: … another very early show we played was at a small club called Louie’s Life supporting a band called Ballin’ Jack. They were a funk rock band with a horn section and they had a couple of albums out on Columbia Records and had just gotten off a tour with Jimi Hendrix. They were really cool to us, which is not always the case with headliners! Their bass player was intrigued because I played an Ampeg fretless bass and he played an Ampeg Dan Armstrong clear Lucite bass, which I thought was amazing (and ended up buying one a few years later). Musically, not my favorite style, but they were really good and I learned about being professional from them. (Psychedelic Baby Mag)

See Saturday also

At Louie’s Life, Saturday 1973


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