Gig Heavy Metal @ Whisky a Go Go • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
Date Thu 07 Jan 1982
Slogan Heavy Metal
Previous arena Whisky a Go Go
Active played

Year is 07 Jan 1982. The performance:

  • Stormer
  • Cirith Ungol
  • Romeo / Rampage (conflict with the newpapers)

Fun fact

The Richard Pryor – Live On The Sunset Strip has nothing to do with Cirith Ungol band. It was only because on a briefly seen on the screenshot of Whiskey a Go Go and Cirith Ungol on it.

MettleAngel: Another thing that I will always remember is when I saw “Richard Pryor – Live On The Sunset Strip” on HBO. As he is getting out of his limousine, right there on the moniker at the Whisky is displayed Cirith Ungol playing live. I pointed that out to my wife when we recently watched it on DVD!

Robert: Yeah, that was a weird experience. I know that they blotted it out when it came out on VHS. There we were watching him pull up; not really knowing what was going on, as we were just playing another show at that club. Somehow the camera caught the Billboard, and now it is right there as the credits begin.

MettleAngel: If you are not looking for it, and you are caught up in the Richard Pryor introduction, you may miss it. I noticed it right away; and just laughed. I guess back then you were really tearing up the Sunset Strip.

Robert: We were always playing in LA. We played with some big names, who, at the time, were not that well known. Oh the stories I could tell you. I will say this, our album ‘King Of The Dead’ was released the same time as ‘Master Of Puppets’.


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