Gig Nixon Send GIs Into Cambodia – Anti-War Rally • Band(s) Titanic
DateSat 16 May 1970
Time13:00 pm

Nixon Delares All-Out War
The People Must Act Now
(US President 20 Jan 1969 – Dec 1974, Anti-Vietnam war movement 28 Jan 1965 – 29 Mar 1973)

March Begins At Noon
From Main At Loma Vista To

May 16,
Plaza Park
Sat. 1:00

Titanic vs Cirith Ungol

Is the “Anti-War Rally” gig a Titanic or Cirith Ungol? The poster has no band on it. The correct calendar was Thursday 14th May 1970, Friday 15th May 1970, Saturday 16th May 1970, Friday 14th May 1971, Saturday 15th May 1971 and Sunday 16th May 1971.

Pro Titanic: It was played live on Titanic (Sat 16 May 1970 – Sat 16.05.1970), not Cirith Ungol (Sun 16 May 1971 – 16.05.1971). You can see the poster, under Anti-War Rally, where it’s written “MAY 16, SAT” (05.16), it would mean Titanic has played for the Anti-war rally in 1970. You will see the Titanic played from Feb 1970 til Apr 1971.

Pro Cirith Ungol: Perry and Rob said it was one of the first CU. So maybe the poster has misspelled “MAY 16, SAT” (05.16.1970), so it could correctly been “MAY 16, SUN” (05.16.1971), “MAY 15, SAT” (05.15.1971) or other format.

Perry Grayson: One of CU’s first gigs was a peace rally (remember the Vietnam war was still on). Because they didn’t have many songs yet, Greg said they played a blues/boogie jam for about 20 minutes. (mail 10 Mar 2010)

The very early beginning of the band goes back to 1971? Would you like to share some words about playing at an anti-Vietnam war peace rally in 1972? Where else did you play and what were some other bands that you shared stages with?

Rob Garven: This was during the Vietnam War which was not very popular at the time here, especially among the younger generation and there was an Anti-War rally at our local Plaza Park in downtown Ventura. I’m not sure how we got booked to play at that, but we were the opening act. It was definitely one of our first shows and I still have a poster and several pictures. I do remember several things that stick out from the concert, supposedly there are FBI agents in the trees taking pictures of the attendees because at the time anti-war protestors were considered subversives. We were too young to drive, so Jerry’s brother Richard drove his VW van out of the park after we played, with us and all the equipment in it. I remember as we were driving out, the police were marching forward with riot shields and tear gas. Probably playing the opening slot at this concert was the best position on the bill! This possibly was an experience that led to some of my doom related material! (from Interview Psychedelic Baby Mag)

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