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Zine Decibel Magazine • Issue June 2020 #188 • Chapter Rise of the Black Machine • Published Mon 20 Apr 2020

Lamb of God
The Politics of Redefining Themselves
Includes exclusive limited edition Graf Orlock X-ray picture flexi disc
Featuring: Cirith Ungol, Buzz Osbourne, Gruesome, a special report on scenic location extreme metal festivals, plus the Decibel Hall of Fame: The Making of Ved Buens Ende’s Written in Waters
Also: Ulcerate, Sweven, Warbringer, Göden and more

June 2020 [#188]


Rise Of The Black Machine

I’ve been a huge Cirith Ungol fan since the 80s when I often played a “Frost and Fire” cassette on my Walkman en route to junior high school. Getting a chance to chronicle the band’s unlikely comeback and new album was a thrill. Check out the feature in the new Decibel — the link is in the credits.

The interviews for this feature were conducted shortly before the world went to hell. Needless to say it sucks royally that CU has an amazing new record out and can’t go play it for people or promote it properly. Please support the band in any way you can and get this record. While you’re at it please continue to support Decibel through these challenging times.

decibel may 2020 188 Justin Norton Decibel Magazine – June 2020 #188 | Cirith Ungol Online

Robert Garven – Decibel magazine june 2020 188 (Justin Norton)

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