Zine Metal Underground Slogan some music was meant to stay underground... • Chapter Cirith Ungol Drummer Robert Garven Discusses New Album "Forever Black," Artwork And Much More. • Journalist Diamond Oz Published Fri 17 Apr 2020
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Every band dreams of making an impact with their music. Whether that be financial success or better yet, a respected legacy, metal bands are driven by their craft and a warrior like determination. Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than Ventura, California’s own, Cirith Ungol. The band formed in 1971 and released their first album, “Frost And Fire,” ten years later, becoming early progenitors of both power and doom metal in the process. Three more classic albums, “King Of The Dead,” “One Foot In Hell” and “Paradise Lost” would follow before the band split in 1992. As is often the case, thanks to the internet, a new generation of headbangers would discover this legendary group and demand for their return grew ever louder.

Finally in 2016, Cirith Ungol returned to play the second Frost And Fire festival, with further headlining shows coming the next year and the wait for new material ended in 2018 with the single, “Witch’s Game.” Now, the band are preparing to release their first full length album in twenty nine years, “Forever Black,” which based on the songs posted online, promises to be another megaton blast of classic Cirith Ungol. I recently had the pleasure to speak with drummer and founding member Robert Garven about the album, their return, their legendary artwork and much more. You can listen to the interview in full below.

Cirith Ungol are back! I spoke with drummer Robert Garven about the band’s first album in twenty nine years, “Forever Black,” about the album, the industry, COVID-19 and much more!

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