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Zine Radioactive Metal • Published Fri 18 Oct 2019
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The legendary Cirith Ungol will always have a special place in our Metal Hearts. We went full on Metal in our fandom just as CU were breaking out into the underground. As we took our first steps to the Metal selection in our local record store, the band’s debut “Land Of The Dead” caught our attention. And it’s stuck with us ever since. So now decades later we have the opportunity to speak with a founding Ungoller. On the eve of Cirith’s new live album “I’m Alive” hitting the racks, we sat down with drummer Robert Garven. We discussed the new record, bassist Jarvis Leatherby’s spot in Night Demon, and the band’s place in Heavy Metal history. In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we put on our concert promoters caps and create our own “Ultimate Halloween Concert’. Musically we crank new and classic Cirith, Angel Witch, Deceased, The Machinist, Destructor, Impetigo, Bitch, and 45 Grave! Horns!!

Radio Active Metal


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