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Zine Metal Maniacs • Journalist Perry Grayson Published Jun 2001

Featuring Cirith Ungol.

Perry Grayson 14 Apr 2000: There are a couple of non-fiction writing projects looming on the horizon. First off is an interview and retrospective article on the Ventura, California, epic/doom metal band CIRITH UNGOL. I’ll be paying a visit to Cirith Ungol drummer Rob Garven soon, and you can expect to see a REWIND article in METAL MANIACS early next year. Coverage of Richard Anasky’s indie doom/horror flick I AM VENGEANCE will leak from my pen and see the light of day in the near future in a metal or weird fiction zine near you. In case you aren’t aware, Anasky’s I AM VENGEANCE features a theme song written and performed by doom metal legends Bobby Liebling and Pentagram!!! The soundtrack will feature other fave doom bands of mine such as Count Raven and Revelation.


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