Record Kill The Pain • Band Night Demon Format 7" • Published Fri 01 May 2020


  1. Kill The Pain
  2. 100 MPH (Cirith Ungol cover)

We are so overwhelmed by all who have supported NIGHT DEMON and sold out the red band exclusive 7” in just a few hours! Thank you all!!!

There are a limited amount of copies of the white colored vinyl available at the stores below. There were only two colors pressed for this one, so once they’re gone, they’re GONE!

We are thrilled to announce the worldwide release of our new single, “Kill the Pain”, which marks our second single release of the year following hot on the heels of “Empires Fall”.

100 mph night demon 2 Kill The Pain | Cirith Ungol OnlineThe single is available as a 7’’ vinyl limited to 300 exclusive blood red copies. The B-side of “Kill the Pain” is a blistering cover of Cirith Ungol’s “100 mph,” with Jarvis Leatherby and Cirith Ungol’s Tim Baker sharing lead vocal duties. **This cover song is exclusive to the vinyl edition, and will not be available for streaming or digital download.**

Recorded by Flemming Rasmussen. Artwork by Brian Crabaugh Art


Here’s the Behind the Song episode for our newest single, Kill the Pain. Take a look into Sweet Silence Studios with the legendary Flemming Rasmussen, learn more about the lyrics, and spend some time with Tim Baker of Cirith Ungol!

28 / 100
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