Song 100 MPH • Performed by Night DemonRecorded Mon 04 May 2020 • Original version 100 MPHby Cirith Ungol

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100 MPH (guitar demo – Armand John Anthony)

Actually Armand John Anthony – 100 MPH guitar demo on Podcast Episode #85: β€œ100 MPH”.

100 MPH (Full band – instrumental demo)

Podcast Episode #85: β€œ100 MPH”.

Podcast Episode #85: “100 MPH”

This week we examine “100 mph,” which was the B-side to the “Kill the Pain” single released in May 2020. Originally a Cirith Ungol song appearing on the 1986 album One Foot in Hell, Night Demon’s rendition of “100 mph” will be included in the forthcoming Year of the Demon compilation album released on March 25, 2022. We begin with a brief overview of the history of Cirith Ungol, and the back story of “100 mph” as told by Cirith Ungol members Robert Garven and Tim Baker. The Night Demon guys explain their decision to cover the tune, why it means a lot to them to record a Cirith Ungol song, and how they decided on “100 mph.” You will hear about the recording process for this song under the watchful eye of Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen. The band gets into specifics of how they Demonized “100 mph,” describing what changes they made and why. Jarvis and Cirith Ungol vocalist Tim Baker discuss how they traded vocal lines. We look at how the lyrics resonated with Night Demon, and even get into the cover art created for the digital single in January 2022. Both Night Demon and Cirith Ungol express optimism that the two bands will join forces to perform the song live someday soon.

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  • Armand John Anthony – 100 MPH guitar demo
  • Full band – instrumental demo
  • Flemming Rassmussen instrumental (rough mix)
  • Cirith Ungol original studio version
  • Cirith Ungol early demo version
  • Alternate single covert art
  • Early sketch of cover concept
  • Final cover art

11 Mar 2022

11 / 100
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