Song 100 MPH • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded 1986 • by Cirith UngolOriginal date Sep 1980

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Call it heavy metal comes on hard and fast
We’re the men who play it we’re here to kick your ass

Coming like a hurricane a hundred miles an hour
We don’t stop for nothing cause we’ve got the power

Our nerves are made of steel and there’s ice in our veins
We’re frost and we’re fire we’re pleasure and we’re pain


Call it heavy metal comes on hard and fast
We’re the men who play it we’re here to kick your ass

Check it out here:

Written by Greg Lindstrom. 100 MPH (miles per hour) equals around 160 km/h (kilometres per hour). It is most probably another reference to Rob and Greg’s obsessions with Ferrari cars. The song was written by Greg, even though he had quit the band already after their first album. There’s a reference to the debut LP in this song: “We’re frost and we’re fire“. See alsoย Ferrari.

100 MPH (Album version)

From releaseย One Foot In Hellย (1986/1999).

100 M.P.H. is as uplifting as the title proclaims though the chorus is a bit silly, and overall the song seems like the band’s attempting speed metal which is not their forte!

King Fowley, liner notes, Jan 1999

100 MPH (original studio version)

Cirith Ungol original studio version from Podcast Episode #85: “100 MPH”.

100 MPH (early demo version)

Cirith Ungol early demo version from Podcast Episode #85: “100 MPH”.

100 MPH (Demo Sept 80)

From released Servant of Chaos (2001).

(Sept 80) I think this version has got more energy than the one on ‘One Foot In Hell’, but maybe I’m biased …

Greg Lindstrom, liner notes


Alvin and the chimunks – 100 MPH

21 / 100
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One Foot In Hell

Servants Of Chaos

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Kevin Gibbs
Kevin Gibbs
14 years ago

The most commercial song on this album but I think it’s well placed between lots of heavy stuff. It’s a solid fast rockin tune and I like it a lot.

14 years ago

No doubt my least favourite of this album. Still a good song though.


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