Song 100 MPH • Performed by IronswordOriginal version 100 MPHby Cirith Ungol

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A cover song that was supposed to be featured on the One Foot in Fire – a tribute to Cirith Ungol album. So whyย didn’t it turn out? I asked the band.

Well, what I recall from back then, we were supposed to cover 100 MPH, but we had a short time line from the label to enter studo and have everything done, so we decided to record in between some live shows of the band but unfortunately all studios in our area were booked, so in the end we had to drop it. It was never recorded but we rehearsed the song a couple of times, yeah!

IRONSWORD is an Epic Metal band formed in 1995, heavily influenced by US Metal legends like MANILLA ROAD, OMEN, CIRITH UNGOL, BROCAS HELM. IRONSWORD is Tann – Vocals, guitars, Jorge Martins – Bass, Joรฃo Monteiro Drums.

Tann, 02 Oct 2016

13 / 100
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