Record One Foot In Fire – A Tribute To Cirith Ungol • Band Various artists Format CD, Various artists, and Vinyl • Published 2005


Original credits

  • Produced by Bart Gabriel for Solemnity Music
  • Mastered, compiled and layout / art-direction by Sven The Axe
  • Front cover Artwork by Michal Oracz
  • All songs written by Cirith Ungol / Falcon. Arranged by different artists.
  • Thanks to Cirith Ungol for some of the greatest songs in the world!!!

2005 Solemnity Music

ID: 271
title: CD: 2005 (Solemnity Music; SOL-M 008)

Release label: Solemnity Music
Release number: SOL-M 008
Release date: 2005

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2006 Solemnity Music, Limited 250 copies

ID: 272
title: LP: 2006 (Solemnity Music; SOL-M 007)

Release label: Solemnity Music
Release number: SOL-M 007
Release date: 2006
Limited: 250

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A collection of Cirith Ungol covers. Some of the songs were made years before this compilation, others have been made specially for this album. Cover was painted by Michal Oracz (carbonmade/deviantart) who also has done covers for Lord Vader and Damascus Steel. His brother has also painted artworks for Crystal Viper. The booklet is colorful and nicely done. It consists of 16 pages of photos and liner notes from Sven “The Axe” Sostak (of Solemnity Music), four pages from Robert Garven and one page for each contributing bands. Preview is from at least 24 Oct 2004 or earlier.

  • Falcon has semi Cirith Ungol cover (Greg Lindstrom guitars).
  • Solemnity band are also the record Solemnity Music.
  • Dawn of Winter’s vocal Gerrit Mutz was offered to take hand of the vocals, but he said no, because he could never replace Tim. This was year ca. around 2000.
  • Crystal Viper’s vocal Marta Kroczak-Gabriel is married with Bart Gabriel.


I can’t say that I’m familiar with most of them, but it’s really gratifying to know that so many fellow musicians are into CIRITH UNGOL. I’ve heard DOOMSWORD’s version of “Nadsokor” and they did a great job. By the way, FALCON is planning to be on the CIRITH UNGOL tribute as well, possibly with “Edge Of A Knife” or a different version of “Half Past Human”. I would love to hear PENTAGRAM do “I’m Alive”. I think Bobby singing would really add some poignancy to the lyrics.”

Greg Lindstrom, Headache interview, 2005 (a year before release)

I was also blown away by the covers to our songs that just came out on the Cirith Ungol tribute album. I think some of the versions of our songs are better than our original versions!

Robert Garven, Diabolical Conquest interview

The missing tracks

The original press was around 2005.

“CIRITH UNGOL (Usa) – Medieval obscure Epic True Heavy Metal heroes

Ultimate tribute compilation for the epic metal kings with:”

It was announcing one track on bonus CD, and three further tracks that did not appear on this album.

  • ATOMKRAFT (England, feat. Tony Dolan of VENOM) “Atom Smasher” (from “King Of The Dead”)
  • IRONSWORD (Portugal) “100 Mph” (from “One Foot In Hell”)
  • OCTOBER 31 (Usa) “The Fire” (from “One Foot In Hell”)

So what happened to these three songs? Were they ever released or even recorded? I sent a mail to Solemnity Music, asking for this. I got a quick reply from Sven the Axe, and he could inform me that for various reasons, neither of these tracks were ever released or recorded. Unfortunately.

Thanks to Sven for the clarification. Ironsword was never recorded, but they rehearsed the song a couple of times.

The fourth track

  • BATTLE RAM (Italy) – “Join The Legion” (from “Paradise Lost”)

is bonus track on the CD, not LP.

  1. Rotten – Cirith Ungol Overture
  2. Falcon – Shelobs Lair (remix)
  3. Solemnity – What Does It Take
  4. Holy Martyr – Frost And Fire
  5. Dawn Of Winter – Doomed Planet
  6. Assedium – Black Machine
  7. Emerald – Heaven Help Us
  8. Monstrum – Fallen Idols
  9. Rosae Crucis – Death Of The Sun
  10. Battle Ram – Join The Legion (CD bonus track)
  11. Crystal Viper & Elixir – Chaos Rising

Alternative artwork

There were other cover artworks originally planned for the album. I recieved a mail from

  • Alt. artwork 1, a collage of images from their cd covers.
  • Alt. artwork 2, a custom coloured image of Elric of Melniboné.

I almost did the artwork for the cover on CIrith Ungols Tribute “One Foot in Fire”  However communication and collaboration with Bart Gabriel somehow got mixed up and things didn’t work out. Kind of a bummer!

He never used them, there was no contracts.

Graham Ganson (the artist), 03 Mar 2010

There is a third alternative cover. I don’t know where it is from, but I guess it is a draft of the final version. Only the typings looks different.

  • Alt. artwork 3, final cover, but different font types. A draft for the final version?
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